That makes us not so uncalled—for.

Donald Eric van Ruiten

Architect, graphic designer and self-taught web developer. Gained professional experience at Maxwan architects & urbanists in Rotterdam and LOW architects in Antwerp. Graduated in architecture and urban design from The Berlage – Delft University of Technology in 2017 and is currently engaged in a postgraduate in Typography & Design at the Plantin Institute of Typography in Antwerp.

Astrid Nieuwborg

Architect, graphic designer and writer deeply rooted in Antwerp. Graduated in architecture in 2015 from the University of Antwerp. Experienced university life at l’École nationale supérieure d’architecture in Paris and work life in Rotterdam at internationally renowned firm Korteknie Stuhlmacher architecten. Founded Thank God It’s in 2010, a webzine focusing on fashion and ethics.

What we offer

Web design
Visual identity
Publication design
Spacial design

Web development
Print production
Marketing & social media
Art direction